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At Pregis Films we will continue in our relentless pursuit of excellence. We believe this is the best path to assure our customers' success as well as our own.

Over the years, we have held the same philosophy about the film business. It doesn't matter what a company says about its product and service. When you get beyond the hype, your performance must ultimately speak for you. That is why we have constantly pressed to improve our customers' experience in all areas. Our confirmation comes when we hear our customers say that we have exceeded their expectations. For Pregis Films, our commitment is, as it has been, an ongoing, passionate pursuit to excel. We believe this is the best way for us to bring value into the marketplace.


Pregis Films provides the best film-buying experience available in our product niches. We do this through:

We maintain a solid commitment to train and empower employees.

We maintain a commitment to streamlining and improving processes and have adopted ISO 9001:2000 as a guide for quality standards.

We have a commitment to invest in and maintain the latest extrusion equipment.

We maintain our commitment to purchase the highest quality raw materials available today.